First of all, we wish you all good health and bright future from Gurudev. CLC Tecno, one of the biggest talent exploring exams in India provides upto 100% Scholarships, Cash Prizes and honor to the students of class 5 to 12 to fulfill their dreams Tecno, earlier known as DTSE or CAST, provides students a platform to compete nationally & know there potential at all India level. CLC has helped thousands of talented students to reach their destination in medical and engineering through its DTSE or CAST. Winds & talents have no limits... no boundaries. We always honour the Talent, so each of the Tecno participants shall be awarded with a scholarship in CLC tuition fee. CLC Tecno gives you a chance to prove & hone your talent. If you have talent then CLC Tecno is the best platform for you where you can achieve your dreams with full of support. Fulfill your dreams. & also prepare yourself for a better future.

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