Zonal Cash Award & Special Reward

As we know that some students do not have the circumstances to leave their home and go to study in another city, but CLC is committed to honoring such talented students. Therefore, the top 1 to 10 students of each class in each zone will be given cash prizes by CLC and special prizes will be given to students ranked 11 to 50.

Your Zonal Rank will be mentioned in the marksheet along with your All India Rank

Zonal cash prizes and special rewards will be given to the students of each class as follows.

CRL Each Class
1 Cash Prize of 3000 + Memento + Certificate + Student Kit
2 to 3 Cash Prize of 2000 + Memento + Certificate + Student Kit
4 to 10 Cash Prize of 1000 + Memento + Certificate + Student Kit
11 to 50 Memento + Certificate + Student Kit
51 to Rest Participate Certificate

*Cash awards will be paid after tax deduction as per Govt. Norms. ZRL = Zonal Rank List

Note: More than 25000 students will be given Zonal Cash Awards and Special Rewards.

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